Genii Capital is a venture capital and private equity firm founded in 2008

Setup as an advisory and multi-family office to serve its stakeholders, Genii Capital built its expertise around medium to long term investment strategies on some of today’s key challenging segments

Mobility & Energy
Disruptive Technologies
Brands & Entertainment
Real Estate


Some of our past and current advisory projects and portfolio assets include:

Mobility, Motorsports & Energy

The Alpine F1 Team (previously known as Renault F1 Team and Lotus F1 Team), based in Enstone, Oxfordshire, is one of the most advanced motorsports R&D facility in relation to Computational Fluid Dynamics, composite materials and electrification systems. F1 cars are amongst the most efficient machines ever built when it comes to power ratio, with critical applications to road vehicles in today’s challenging times to fight global warming.


Movit Brakes is a German engineering company and manufacturer of high-performance braking systems. Better braking solutions not only bring more safety to vehicle users but also energy saving to the equipped vehicle.


MCE-5 Development is a French engineering company with over 200 proprietary patents on several energy saving technologies for thermic and hybrid powertrains, drastically reducing emissions.

Nekton is a global energy player with brokerage, trading, investment, and asset tracing & recovery activities. Genii initially advised on the group’s structuring.


Ecotor is a B2B UK based engineering company designing a standardized operating system for modern mobility, enabling powertrain and ECU integration. Through electrification, software becomes the most important component of the vehicle.

Oply was a German company with Berlin operations offering an innovative car sharing solution to users.



AMAVI Capital is Belgium based PropTech late stage VC manager.

Axeleo Capital is a French based Tech and PropTech early stage VC manager.

Airy GreenTech is a German based manufacturer of proprietary patented biofilters, the first plant pots that enhance and boost the natural depolluting and filtering capabilities of plants, for a better indoor air quality.


Airlite is a Swiss and Italian based proprietary patented photocatalytic mineral technology with capabilities to depollute indoor and outdoor air mainly from paint applications.


Sensilla is a Luxembourg based company providing solutions to monitor indoor air quality for a healthier workplace and more productive teams.


Trigrr is a multi-technics, protocol agnostic control and automation platform for buildings. The company advises and assists architects and engineers in creating smart buildings with its consulting branch SBExperts.

Brands & Entertainment

Legion 44 is a film currently in production, featuring the rise of the carbon removal industry.

Polaroid is a US based company founded by Dr. Lang, one of the most prolific technology inventor of the 20 th century. Genii served as the reference acquirer (Stalking Horse Bidder) in the restructuring of Polaroid in 2009, aiming to build a licensing future for the brand.


Chaplin’s World is the unique official museum dedicated to the life and work of Charlie Chaplin, based in the Manoir de Ban, Charlie Chaplin’s last home on the Swiss Riviera.

Gravity Sport Management is a Luxembourg based motorsports driver management company. It has developed a young driver programme nurturing international talents from karting through the feeder series ladder to promote them up to Formula One. Drivers successfully promoted to F1 include Esteban Ocon (FR), Romain Grosjean (CH), Alexander Albon (TH) and Jérôme d’Ambrosio (BE).

The Last Man on the Moon is a documentary film by Mark Stewart Productions on the story of Gene Cernan, the last astronaut having stepped off the moon in December 1972. IMDb profile


Disruptive Technologies

Mangrove Capital Partners is a Luxembourg based Tech early stage VC manager.

The Bank of London is a UK based new comer in the banking industry providing efficient near-instant global clearing, payments and settlement solutions.

Socrates Health Solutions is a US based HealthTech company providing truly non-invasive reading and monitoring solutions for diabetes management.

MedXCell is a European BioTech cell therapy venture builder with a strong industrial mindset and a global perspective. Its focus is on technologies, techniques or novel applications in major diseases such as cancer, autoimmune, neurological and degenerative disorders.

Originally a spin-off of Polaroid, US based Zink developed a proprietary patented technology to print with Zero Ink, serving some of the world’s biggest B2B and B2C hardware companies.


Scentcraft is a US based company providing a unique custom fragrance experience, serving in particular the influencers to enhance their captive followers’ base.

Enoil Bioenergies is a Swiss-Italian based group providing advanced biotechnologies of micro-algae production for the cosmetic, agro-food and renewable energy industries.


Real Estate

IKO AM is a Luxembourg based real estate manager and advisor specializing in European markets,serving both family offices and institutional capital.

Genii KanAm Real Estate Management is a joint- venture between Genii Capital and KanAm Grund, a German real estate capital management company. The joint-venture originated in purchasing and managing trophy office assets in North America and Europe.

Genii Capital Korea advises Korean and other Asian institutional investors and asset managers as well as investing directly. Projects include development of Centerfield Gangnam, KT Building Gimhae, and JeollaNamDo J Project.

The Manoir de Ban was the last home of Charlie Chaplin on the Swiss Riviera near Vevey. Genii acquired the historical property and cooperated with Charlie Chaplin’s heirs to renovate and expand it using state of the art techniques and materials to now host Chaplin’s World museum.

SecureIT was a tier 3 and 4 datacenter facility based in Luxembourg (hosting one of the European data backbone), today part of the Data4Group.


Genii managed part of an indirect mezzanine funding for financial restructuring of construction of the iconic Steinway tower of 111 West 57 th Street in Manhattan.



Genii Capital is a Luxembourg headquartered venture capital and private equity firm founded in 2008. We invest on our own balance sheet and advise both our group related entities and third parties on a specific range of industries. Acting as a multi-family office, we design investment allocation strategies with a strong focus on private equity, based on selected criteria including sustainability and ESG.

We manage with a long-term vision our own private equity assets as well as those of our founders and group related entities. Our DNA primarily originates from technology, mobility and real estate, all inherited from the expertise and passion of Genii Capital serial entrepreneur founders. Understanding management and companies’ challenges together with creative thinking are our focus. We only invest – or advise to invest – in projects we understand and in management teams we believe in, always with a view to bring a strategic or business development added value.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, we benefit from the country’s leading position in the investment funds industry – including real estate and alternative investment funds – and we can also rely on the country flexible private equity instruments. With our Korean office in Seoul, we are able to leverage a wide network within several investment communities including family offices, private equity fund managers, private banks and institutional investors.

Genii Capital is a charter founding member of the Luxembourg Private Equity Association and an investment member of Bertrand Piccard’s initiative Solar Impulse World alliance.




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